Continuing Airworthiness Management



East Midlands Helicopters Engineering is approved under Part M Subpart G allowing us to manage the Airworthiness of both Single Engine Piston and Single Engine Turbine aircraft. Our in house systems and dedicated Continuing Airworthiness Department help streamline the processes involved, whilst keeping well ahead of any inspections, enabling a plan to instigated and minimising aircraft down time.

Airworthiness Directive

Also abbreviated to ‘AD’, Airworthiness Directive’s are issued by the appropriate authorities to address unsafe conditions. EMHE not only notify owners and operators of these but also explain any technical information, whilst describing the best time for the AD to be carried out.

Service Bulletin 

Also abbreviated to ‘SB’, Service Bulletins are issued by the manufacturer of the aircraft and its engines or components. These can fall into either: Mandatory, Recommended, Optional or Repair. SB’s can also be upgraded to AD’s should the authority deem this necessary.

Airworthiness Review and Certificate Issue

Most aircraft are individually issued with a non expiring Certificate of Airworthiness, this ‘CofA’ is rendered valid only when accompanied by a valid Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC). The ARC is revalidated annually and due to EMHE holding the Part M Subpart G approval, this is an in-house process.